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Clamhan Aviatio​n

The new player on Electric General Aviation.
Making flying more sustainable and affordable.

Range up to 
850 km

Destinations up to 850 km (460nm)

Endurance up to 
5 hours

Flight time up to 5h incl 0.5h reserve

Payload of 465 kg


We all dreaming of flying. 
Free as a bird. 
Wouldn't be nice to do it with clean propulsion.
No pollution. 
Just as nature intended

"Born by passion for flying​​"

What means Clamhan

Clamhan stands for buzzard in Celtic

Who are we

We are enthusiastic aviators who want to make General Aviation greener.  Not only flying itself, but also the manufacturing of the planes and components. We started in 2020 with Clamhan Aviation.

What we do

We are developing and building a new generation of electric planes and propulsion systems.

New type of propulsion

Low Noise

CO2 Neutral

New ty​pe of Propulsion

Clamhan Aviation is continuously looking for innovative solutions. One of the projects Clamhan is working on is a new concept for propulsion. First prototypes showed much high efficiency in thrust with a lower and different noise profile. The new concept is very suitable not only for planes but also for drones, helicopters, hovercrafts and more.
Clamhan is also investigating applications for it in the maritime markets as well.

  • Higher Thrust-Power Ratio.
  • L​ow Noise = Less Noise Polution
  • Longer endurance with same battery load.
  • Patents pending.

Clamhan MK-II 

Multipurpose electric propelled full metal airplane.

It's unique 1+4 layout makes it versatile for different markets.

The 3 seats in the rear can be individual  removed to combine personal transport with cargo to up fully cargo in the rear.
465 total payload

Clamhan MK-II

Length 7.6m
Wingspan: 13m
Endurance: 2.5h
Range: >200NM

1 pilot + 4 passengers

Remove rear seats

1 pilot + 1 pass and cargo

Markets for MK-II


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